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No two families or people have the same day-to-day requirements or lifestyles, which is why each of our developments is unique.

Although our team has learned a great deal through our many cumulative years of experience, we treat each project as a new challenge to be tackled from the ground up. 

Our team’s highly versatile skillset allows us to provide the full range of architectural services, from master planning and design development to construction documentation and interior design.

We aim to realise fully integrated spaces that are as comfortable to live in as they are visually appealing. For us, incorporating sustainable energy solutions is both a responsibility and a practical thing to do.

Crucial stage for every project – from renovation to large scale development. We see this background work as an insurance policy for our clients to minimize any potential future risks.

Conditions and constraints assessment, research and information gathering stage to define possible development options.

Sketch design review and adjustments based on the feasibility study.

Preliminary cost assessment and comprehensive feasibility study

Preliminary sketch design based on the client’s brief.

Taking projects from sketch to real town planning permit (if required) or fully developed design ready for documentation.

Preparation town planning application, negotiation with authorities, facilitating the issue of planning permit.

Preparation of VCAT and DELWP applications, negotiation with authorities, representation at court and mediation meetings.

Virtual reality presentation of the project to assess all aspects of the proposed design and see realistic result at 1:1 scale.

Preparation of fully documented and specified all interior elements accompanied by 3D images and virtual reality presentation.

Meticulous documentation of the proposed design is the key to the successful project.

Preparation of building documentation and facilitation of the issue of the building permit.

Management of the development project from preliminary assessment to contract administration and hand over.

Preparation of tender documentation and tender administration.

Preparation of marketing materials ranging from 3D renders and brochures to virtual tours and virtual reality.

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