South Yarra Residence

Experience luxury living in this boutique home. With its sophisticated design features: bespoke custom joinery, a void & open staircase, and more - this elegant home is sure to mesmerize.
Pine Ave, Elwood

Introducing our four elegant townhouses in the unique suburb of Elwood. With high ceilings and a rooftop BBQ with water views, this project sets a new standard of design optimization.
Gillies St, Fairfield

Behind the heritage façade in the heart of Fairfield, discover our six modern townhouses. Remarkable architectural design and space utilization produces a beautiful modern architecture, crafting a highly successful residential development project.

Case Study: Reimagining South Yarra

Witness how exceptional design and space optimization come together to create a beautiful living experience.

The end result? A stunning living space that not only delighted our client but also significantly increased the project’s valuation. 

Full-Service Architecture, Interior and Landscape Design

Preliminary Assessment

We mitigate risks and ensure a seamless execution by evaluating project requirements, goals, budget, and timeline to create a personalized solution that meets the unique needs of our clients.

Site Analysis

We conduct a thorough site analysis to optimize the design, considering factors like topography, orientation, views, and environmental considerations.

Sketch Design

Our creative expertise translates your vision into perfect concept designs that balance aesthetics, functionality, and personal preferences.

Feasibility Study

We evaluate costs and conduct a comprehensive analysis to assess the practicality and viability of your project.

Design Review

Through a collaborative process, we refine the design and align it with your unique requirements and aspirations.

Design Development

Progressing from initial sketches to obtaining permits, we ensure a high attention to detail and a personalized touch.

Town Planning

We assist with navigating town planning regulations and requirements, ensuring compliance and a smooth approval process.

VCAT & DELWP Applications & Representation

We handle VCAT and DELWP applications, representing you and protecting your interests throughout the process.

Virtual Reality Design Assessment

Experience your design in a realistic and interactive way, allowing for a unique one-on-one interaction never seen before.

Interior Design

Our detailed and unique interior design reflects your style and enhances functionality, brought to life through stunning visuals and virtual reality.

Building Documentation

Our precise and meticulous documentation serves as the essential blueprint for the construction process, bringing your drawings to life.

Building Permit

We handle the preparation and issuance of building permits, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Tender Documentation

We produce detailed construction drawings and expertly handle tender administration for a seamless construction process.

Project Management

Our dedicated team manages every aspect of your development project, for efficient coordination and timely delivery.

Marketing Packages

We offer marketing materials, including 3D renders, brochures, virtual tours, and virtual reality experiences, to effectively showcase your project.

Case Studies

Pine Avenue, Elwood

Located in Pine Avenue, Elwood. Featuring : 4 double- storey townhouses, 3 Bedrooms, a butler’s kitchen, a rooftop terrace with water views and BBQ.


Pine Avenue, Elwood

Located in Pine Avenue, Elwood. Featuring : 4 double- storey townhouses, 3 Bedrooms, a butler’s kitchen, a rooftop terrace with water views and BBQ.


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