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Even small spaces deserve big ideas. We are dedicated to crafting smart, sustainable designs built to withstand the test of time.

At DW Architects & Interiors, we believe our clients always come first and that there is never a reason to compromise on form or function. We design projects that capture the distinctive character of their surroundings, all the while catering to the specific needs and desires of the people who inhabit them. Efficiency is etched into our DNA, meaning that we will always strive to minimise costs while producing exceptional results.

Full-Service Architecture

Regardless of the size of the project, we think that every design should feel personal.

No two families or people have the same day-to-day requirements or lifestyles, which is why each of our developments is unique. Although our team has learned a great deal through our many cumulative years of experience, we treat each project as a new challenge to be tackled from the ground up. 

Whether we’re envisioning your dream house or a larger development, we think it is our job to listen, learn, and create the kind of environment that reflects each client’s values and wishes. We aim to exceed expectations, each and every time. While we may draw inspiration from trends, we prefer to ground our designs in ideals that are timeless. We are not simply building for tomorrow — we are building a space that will grow with its owner for decades to come. After all, intelligent, intuitive design never goes out of style.

The Team

Our team’s highly versatile skillset allows us to provide the full range of architectural services, from master planning and design development to construction documentation and interior design.

We aim to realise fully integrated spaces that are as comfortable to live in as they are visually appealing. For us, incorporating sustainable energy solutions is both the responsible and the practical thing to do.

Medi Korasani

Founder / Director

With more than two decades of multinational architectural experience to his name, Medi Korasani founded DW Architects & Interiors with a clear vision.

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He believes that design should be every bit as intuitive to use as it is visually appealing, that a client’s specific needs should always come first, and that each home should be a welcoming space that evolves with its owner’s needs over the years. Medi believes that sustainable, elegant design should be engineered to retain its relevance for generations to come. Born into a family of architects with more than 50 years of experience, Medi was immersed in the design business at an early age. By 12, he was already teaching the latest software to the previous generation of architects and by 18, he had his first design built. What started as a youthful fascination soon developed into a life-long passion. From those beginnings, he would go on to ride the building boom across multiple cities in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Before settling down in Melbourne, Medi would leave his mark on ambitious design projects from Hong Kong to Singapore, India to China, and beyond. Medi’s years of experience being active in the development stages of projects in both Dubai and Australia have given him a unique affinity for optimising operations for maximum efficiency with superior results. By streamlining workflow, reducing wasted energy and materials, and thinking strategically at every stage of the design process, he excels at creating projects that exceed client expectations while staying within budget. Since 2014, as the Founder and Director of DW Architects & Interiors Medi has personally overseen more than 400 residential, industrial, commercial, public, and aged care projects. In the process, he has accumulated international awards such as Asia Property Awards for Best Townhouse Design and also Best Apartment Design, in addition to Asia Pacific Property Award for Best Apartment Design.


Julie Mika

Co-founder/ Interior Designer and Project Coordinator

Julie’s international experience in interior design spans from Europe through Asia to Australia where she became a co-founder and lead interior designer at DW Architects.

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Bringing her personal touch, she always puts client first to make sure that the final product not only harmonious and beautiful but also functional for everyday life. Ergonomics, maintenance and flexibility come to balance in her designs no matter the size or cost of the project.


KJ Fung

Director / Senior Architect

B. Arch, B. AS, AIA

“Design balance is the visual distribution of objects, colours, and space translated from drawings to built form.”

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KJ brings to DW Architects and Interiors a dedication and focus for delivering high-level architectural strategies, documentation, and solutions for our clients. A passionate architect who strives for perfection through each project characterised by an emphasis on collaboration and innovation in design. A highly talented and all-round Architect, KJ provides an invaluable contribution to all our projects, from early developmental stages to delivery on time and to budget. KJ brings a broad range of experience and portfolio of work that extends across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.


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